• 19 May 2022
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A data diode is a cybersecurity solution that ensures information can only travel in one direction. Data diodes effectively eliminate external points of entry to the sending system, preventing intruders and contagious elements from infiltrating the network. Securing a network’s full data outflow with data diodes makes it impossible for an insecure or hostile network to pass along malware, access the protected system, or accidentally make harmful changes. 

Data diodes can most commonly be found in high-security environments, such as for defense, critical infrastructures like nuclear power plants, and generally, any industry dealing with critical systems.

N3uron Data Diode is a software-based cybersecurity solution that ensures safe unidirectional real-time data transfer between segment networks. It allows data to be sent through physical data diodes that maintain physical and electrical separation of source and destination networks, by establishing a non-routable, completely closed, one-way data transfer between networks.

Main features include:

  • Configurable UDP port for increased flexibility.
  • Data integrity algorithms to avoid data loss.
  • Compression for reducing the required bandwidth.
  • Data encryption for increased security.
  • Network interface assignment for network isolation.
  • Whitelisting in order to ensure data is only received from approved sources.
  • One-way Keep-alive to manage data quality on the receiver side.
  • Works with all main hardware data-diode vendors.

Figure 1: N3uron representation using DataDiode

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