• 19 May 2022
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Data Exporter is a N3uron module that generates XML or CSV files containing raw or aggregated data. This data is collected from selected tag groups to be exported as files, either compressed or loose. This module also allows for automatic uploading of the generated files to an SFTP or FTP server, as well as storing files locally. The image below depicts an example XML file and CSV file.

<Data Name=”PLANT001.BLK001.INV001” Start=”2020-03-12T10:00:00” End=”2020-03-12T10:05:00”>
<Tag Name=”Voltage” First=”231” Last=”233” Min=”230” Max=”235” Avg=”232.1” Good=”1.00” Count=”9”/>
<Tag Name=”Current” First=”124” Last=”152” Min=”89” Max=”152” Avg=”110.62” Good=”1.00” Count=”8”/>
<Tag Name="DailyEnergy" First="667" Last="668" Min="667" Max="668" Avg="667.87" Good="1.00" Count="9"/>
<Tag Name="Power" First="69.31" Last="83.62" Min="48.48" Max="83.62" Avg="60.77" Good="1.00" Count="7"/>

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