• 12 May 2022
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Domino Client is a N3uron module that allows users to quickly and easily establish connections to Domino industrial printers in order to send specific commands or retrieve data. This allows Domino printing solutions to be integrated with other applications, such as Cloud-based, SCADA, ERP, and MES systems. 

Domino Client provides reliable connections to any printer that supports Codenet protocol via serial or TCP connections. Numerous variables can be assigned to Tags in N3uron in order to access multiple device parameters, as well as to monitor data coming from printers. Available groups of variables are as follows:

GroupsNumber of VariablesDescription

These commands perform functions such as requesting the printer’s identity and setting up the real time clock, etc.

Control4These commands control the printer's operational features.

These commands allow the host system to control the unsolicited generation of status change reports and to obtain such reports on demand.

Global Format6

These commands exert control over the orientation of printed labels and affect all characters printed.


These commands are embedded within the text of stored print labels.

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