• 16 Aug 2022
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DNP Client is a N3uron module that provides a reliable way of connecting to any Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) compliant device through Ethernet or serial communication. N3uron DNP Client acts as the master station connected to DNP3 slaves, also known as outstations.

Main features supported:

  • Connect to an unlimited number of outstations.
  • Optimized Static (Integrity) Polling and Event Class Polling.
  • Event playback support in the data delivery.
  • Direct operate write operations.
  • Range and Non-range field option for write operations.
  • Time synchronization to the outstations.
  • Devices auto demotion for increased performance.

DNP Client doesn't support the following features:

  • DNP3 authentication.
  • Unsolicited messaging.
  • DNP3 over UDP transport.

For more information about DNP3 protocol please visit dnp.

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