• 19 May 2022
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Farell Client is a N3uron module that provides reliable connections to the UMB and TAF series of Farell's RTUs via Ethernet or serial communications, thus allowing their integration with other applications, such as Cloud-based and SCADA systems.

N3uron can connect to the following Farell RTUs:

  • UMB-DS
  • UMB-DA
  • UMB-BA39
  • UMB-DT
  • UMB-DT2
  • UMB-SX
  • UMB-SD
  • UMB-BDr
  • UMB-BD2
  • UMB-BD
  • TAF-E (5E, 8E, 16E and 24E)
  • TAF-R (8R)


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