• 19 May 2022
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The Modbus Client module allows users to quickly and easily connect N3uron to any Modbus compatible device. Some of the main functionalities supported by the module include:

  • TCP and Serial communications: Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and RTU over TCP.
  • Unlimited connections: multiple connections can be run in parallel to provide the fastest overall communications.
  • Poll on demand: poll can depend on a tag property, if needed.
  • Automatic reconnection: after a set number of communication attempts.
  • Auto-Demotion: allows devices with issues to be isolated to prevent them from affecting other devices in the same communication channel.
  • Function Codes Supported: listed in the following table.

Function NameCodeHex
Read Discrete Inputs020x02
Read Coils010x01
Write Single Coil050x05
Read Input Register040x04
Read Holding Register030x03
Write Single Register060x06
Write Multiple Registers*
Function 16 is supported. However, multiple writes are not possible, thus it works like function 6 (write single register).

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