• 19 May 2022
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Modbus Server is a N3uron module that provides enhanced connectivity for all devices and third-party applications requiring Modbus communications. It allows users to create and configure one or multiple Modbus Slaves to expose data acquired through any of the other N3uron modules, such as the OPC UA Client, REST API Client, MQTT Client, Siemens, etc. This module supports communications via ethernet, including TCP and encapsulated RTU.

Supported Function Codes:

Function nameCodeHex
Read Discrete Inputs020x02
Read Coils010x01
Write Single Coil050x05
Read Input Register040x04
Read Holding Register030x03
Write Single Register
Write Multiple Registers*160x10

Function 16 is supported, however, multiple writes are not possible, thus it works like function 6 (write single register).

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