• 27 Jun 2023
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The N3uron OPC UA Client enables N3uron to make outgoing connections to any third-party compliant OPC UA server.

The OPC UA Client is fully integrated with all other N3uron modules. The platform can be used to convert between OPC UA and Modbus, publish data to an MQTT Broker, connect OPC UA to any SQL database, display and access OPC UA data via the Web Vision module, connect to Modbus or Excel, send emails, or support node-to-node linking, data aggregation, and more.

Some of the main functionalities supported by this module include:

  • Unlimited connections.
  • Support for endpoint discovery.
  • Drag and Drop tags from the Browser to the data model.
    This feature is available from N3uron version 1.21.5.
  • None, Sign, and Sign & Encrypt security modes.
  • None, Basic 256, Basic 128 & Rsa 15 and Basic 256 & Sha 256 security policies. 
  • Graphical interface to manage digital certificates. 
  • Anonymous and User Name authentication modes. 
  • Tag browse functionality. 
  • Support for reading scalar values, arrays, matrixes, structs and generic objects (converted to JSON).
  • Support for Int64 and UInt64 data types.
  • Automatic reconnection.

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