• 23 Aug 2023
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Article Summary

N3uron's OPC UA Server module allows N3uron to expose the data collected through any other data acquisition module within the platform to third-party systems.  

Some of the main functionalities supported by this module include:

  • Unlimited OPC UA client connections.
  • None, Sign, and Sign & Encrypt security modes.
  • None, Basic 256, Basic 128 & Rsa 15 and Basic 256 & Sha 256 security policies. 
  • Possibility to create different user roles to filter and restrict the data available for each of them.
  • Possibility to add several endpoints.
  • Historical Data Access (HDA), allows OPC UA clients to access historical data stored in MongoDB databases using the Historian module. 
  • Ability to execute code via Scripting using OPC UA methods.
  • Graphical interface for managing digital certificates.
  • Store & Forward.

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