Appendix: Postman Collection
  • 10 Oct 2022
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Appendix: Postman Collection

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Use of Postman collection

Postman is a platform for API development that amongst many other things allows testing API requests. N3uron provides a Postman collection, the use of which is strongly recommended in order to test the requests to the REST API Server before implementing them in a production environment. In this collection, all N3uron's REST API Server module requests are available and ready to use, with minimal adjustments.

To use the collection proceed as follows:

  • Step 2: Unzip the file and upload the file in the “import” section of Postman

Figure 15: Postman workspace


Figure 16: Importing the file in postman


  • Step 3: Enter the IP address of the target node and the ports in the “variables” section of the imported collection. For this example: IP address of the target node is, HTTP port is 3003 and HTTPS port is 3443.

Figure 17:   Configuring RestAPIServer collection’s variables


  • Step 4: Choose the type of authentication configured in the user section in N3uron, and enter the username and password or token. For this example, the authentication type used is basic.

Figure 18: Configuring RestApiServer collection’s authentication parameters


  • Step 5: Send a request. The following screenshot is the result of a link call.

Figure 19: Response of the link “get” command

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