Appendix: Postman Collection
  • 06 Jun 2023
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Appendix: Postman Collection

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Article Summary

Use of Postman collection

Postman is a platform for API development that allows for testing API requests, among other things. N3uron provides a Postman Collection, which is strongly recommended for testing REST API Server requests before implementing them in a production environment. This collection includes all of N3uron’s REST API Server module requests, ready to use with minimal adjustments.

To use the collection proceed as follows:

  • Step 2: Click the Run in Postman button located in the upper right corner.


  • Step 3: Select the option more convenient for you. You can choose either forking the collection to your workspace or importing the collection into Postman. 


  • Step 4: Use the baseUrl variable to enter the name or IP address of the server as well as the port.



  • Step 6: Start sending requests.

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