• 18 Aug 2022
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Article Summary

N3uron’s REST API Server module is a component of the IIoT platform used for exposing resources. REST calls can be used to retrieve data/information or send control commands to the system.

The main features of N3uron’s REST API Server are:

  • User authentication based on user/password or access token.
  • High performance to support unlimited remote clients and connections.
  • Secure HTTPS connections.
  • Data encryption using self-signed or CA signed certificates.
  • Compatible with Automated Certificate Management systems.
  • Permits to read and write real time values of tags.
  • Permits to retrieve and acknowledge alarms.
  • Permits to retrieve raw and aggregated historical data of several tags in the same request.
  • Permits to retrieve and control the status of the system, modules, licenses, links and backups.
  • Permits to change the configuration without having to access the WebUI.
  • Complete control over the access and permissions of each user.

The REST server uses by default port 3003 for HTTP requests and port 3443 for HTTPS requests, both ports are configurable.

To create a REST request, a URL is built containing the IP address, service HTTP or HTTPS port, and all other information the server needs in order to complete the desired task. Data is returned in JSON format.



The Appendix section contains a Postman collection that will make it much easier for the user to get started with the REST API Server module

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