• 27 Jun 2023
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N3uron's Scripting module allows the execution of custom logic within the current N3uron node in response to various triggers, such as timers, tag changes, tag conditions, and more. This logic is implemented using a native JavaScript interpreter (Node.js) capable of executing user-provided code and granting access to both Node.js native libraries (e.g., fs, net, or HTTP) and the extensive Node.js ecosystem of libraries (e.g., through NPM). Furthermore, Scripting has complete access to the N3uron API, enabling direct interaction with tags (including real-time and historical data), alarms, retrieval of the current N3uron node's status, module status, and many other features.

The main features that this module offers include:

  • Unlimited number of scripts, each running in isolation on a separate OS thread.
  • Numerous triggers for scripts, including Startup, Periodic or Tag Change.
  • Unlimited access to the N3uron API.
  • Access to both the native Node.js libraries as well as its entire ecosystem of packages.
  • Easy user configuration for scripts using parameters.

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