• 24 May 2024
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Web Vision is a pure web HMI/SCADA interface for industrial applications. Based entirely on JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS technologies, it enables users to control their application on any device such as smartphones, tablets, touchscreens, laptops, desktop computers and control room video walls. The Web Vision Module has full HMI and SCADA capabilities and establishes the new reference for truly mobile-optimized and easily accessible applications for monitoring, control and data collection & analysis in industrial systems.

Below are some of the Web Vision Module’s key features.

  • Pure Web: full functionality is attained through any modern web browser; no additional software or plug-ins are required.
  • Fast and Simple development: Web Vision can be used to create your monitoring application using only a web browser and get it up and running in just a few hours.
  • Secure: access to the HMI is encrypted.
  • Touch responsive: for natural navigation using pan and zoom.
  • Unlimited: Like the rest of the N3uron modules, Web Vision is unlimited in tags, connections, devices, designers and clients.
  • Powerful reports: Web Vision allows users to generate sharp reports on screen and save to pdf format.

Web Vision perfectly complements any N3uron node by adding a modern graphical representation of your data.


PV Demo Project:
Download a copy of the PV Demo Project Backup here.


Web Vision Demo Project:
Download a copy of the Web Vision Demo Project Backup here.


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