Licensing, Activation and Trial Mode
    • 19 Nov 2021
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    Licensing, Activation and Trial Mode

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    How the trial mode works

    Each module in N3uron can be used for one hour at a time, with no further restrictions. Upon expiration of the demo period, each module will automatically stop running. By logging into the N3uron web interface, users can re-start the demo period and enable another hour of execution time for each module. The demo period may be restarted any number of times.

    How licensing works

    N3uron is a modular platform, and licensing is therefore module-based. Licensed and un-licensed modules can operate side-by-side, allowing some modules to be tested in trial mode (demo) whilst others run in a licensed status (production).

    After software installation is complete, a unique UID is generated and subsequently associated to the underlying hardware. After purchasing licenses for the required modules, the customer receives a file containing the corresponding license associated to that specific UID. Note that license files may contain the license for one or more modules.

    In order to load a license file, open the WebUI, navigate to Licensing > Add license file and upload or copy/paste the license file. All modules included in the license file will automatically switch from demo to production mode. No restart is required. 

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