N3uron Web Interface: WebUI
    • 29 Mar 2022
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    N3uron Web Interface: WebUI

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    WebUI is the interface used to configure N3uron and can also be used to quickly monitor any data collected by N3uron. WebUI is a pure HTML5 web application, meaning that it can be opened in any modern web browser, which makes it very convenient for remote access. 

    By default, WebUI can be reached using plain HTTP (port 8003 by default) and secure HTTPS (port 8443 by default). In order to force secure connections only, HTTP mode can be disabled. 

    WebUI is automatically installed with N3uron and does not require a license. More than one instance of the WebUI can be created in the same node (for instance when configuring a different logo, access from different networks, etc.). In this case, any new instances would run in demo mode unless a valid license is provided.

    WebUI displays the following sections:

    • Data:
      • Real-Time: Displays the values of all collected data, along with the quality, timestamp and description.
      • Historical: Allows users to create charts displaying the historical values of all tags and export data to CSV files. Historical data stored in other linked nodes can be retrieved and displayed also.
    • Alarms:
      • Real-Time: Displays the current status of the alarms.
      • Historical: Allows users to retrieve the events related to alarms from the historical database.
    • System:
      • Diagnostics: Displays the current status of each node and its components.
      • Config: Allows users to configure the node and all the components.
      • Licensing: Displays licensing information and allows to apply licenses to each node.

    Inline Help WebUI

    Provides an inline help box at the bottom of the configuration area, displaying the description of each parameter and configuration examples.

    06-N3uron-inline-helpFigure 6. N3uron Inline Help



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